Monday, April 4, 2011

A new addition!

HA! Not that kind of new addition... I am overly superly excited because this weekend we found me a stylist chair! It's great, I won't have to tell my clients to saddle up on my barstools anymore.
It made my weekend. Thanks to my husband for finding it. It's a great start to my home salon.

What else has been going on.. My brother Tyson  got his mission call to... Durban, South Africa. We are SO excited for him and think he will do great.

So since I thought it was going to warm up (False Alarm) I wanted to get some spring decorations! Maybe it'll help the snow go away. I feel bad because I can't remember who's blog I saw these on but I decided to make some colorful balls made of yarn, glue and water. Ballin'....

They were a fun little project and I will probably change out the colors for holidays/seasons.
Speaking of seasons.. Spring can come anytime now...