Friday, January 14, 2011

Blogging- the online journal?

I just started this blog and haven't decided how I feel about it. I mostly created it because I follow so many cute and interesting blogs and thought why not have my own.

When I told Corbyn he laughed and thought I was being funny.. What's so funny?? Is it because I don't really have anything to blog about? Okay.. Probably true...

I think I want it to be a place to share ideas I've seen or things I've been doing, even if they are boring and not much.. I am always all over the place always trying this and that so that is where the name of the blog comes from.

The past few months have been CRAZY! On October 28, I married my best friend- (awww ...) It was a perfect day. The day before that, after a 3 month long process we closed on our house. It was funny how the timing worked out so perfectly. After a week long honeymoon in Mexico we came back to reality.. Painting, putting a house together and going through the holidays has been a whirlwind.

So many changes just in time for a new year. I am excited.